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wall art

Murals, Street Art, Graffiti Art... I've been creating artwork in the medium of Spray can since 1984. These were in a traditional style, focusing on letters and characters. I've since taken time away to explore other ways of mark-making, although I sometimes get drawn back to Spray cans.

I'm presently exploring ways of re-producing my Art from my personal Sketchbooks. I want to re-produce the line quality by mimicking the hand and wrist movements from my ink illustrations. This is a big step away from traditional Graffiti Art I used to create; an Ode to the New York tradition. 


My latest Murals are a mixture of hand-painted Brush and Spraycan. My first experiment in this technique has been a large 22 ft high Mural in the courtyard of Zetland House in Shoreditch, London. Since then, I've created several murals in this technique which uses spray cans and paint pens. 


You can view the process through short time-lapse films in the Video section of my website.  


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