wall art

Murals, Street Art, Graffiti Art.... I've been creating Art work in the medium of Spray can since 1984. These where in a traditional style, focusing on letters and characters. I've since taken time away to explore other ways of mark making, although I sometimes get drawn back to Spray cans.


I'm presently exploring ways of re-producing my Art from my personal Sketch books. I want to re-produce the line quality by mimicking the hand and wrist movements from my ink illustrations. This is a big step away from traditional Graffiti Art I used to create; an Ode to the New York tradition. 


My latest Murals are a mixture of hand painted Brush and Spraycan. My first experiment in this technique has been a large 22 ft high Mural in the courtyard of Zetland House in Shoreditch, London.